If you are on this page, it is because you want to know a little more about our store. Well let me tell you how we got here.
Due to personal circumstances, I have lived in Italy, Argentina, the United States and for almost 6 years, in Madrid. Thus, I have fallen in love with the old pieces embroidered by hand, La Quebrada de Humahuaca, the beaches of Miami and finally the sky of Madrid.

My first store, I opened it in 2003 in Treviso, at that time it had another name ( L'Angolo dalla Nonna), but always with the same spirit: to bring our customers beautiful and special items that make their homes a warmer space.
Almost 19 years have passed since that moment and the store has gone with me wherever I have gone, which has allowed me to meet many beautiful people and wonderful suppliers, who I carefully select to guarantee that what you take from the store, add value to your home or make the recipient of a present sit unique and special.
**Important Warning: Your children won't want to leave home and your family and friends will ask you to have meetings there 😜
My "Co."
Who accompanies me in this project?
  • My family! They are the most important thing in my life.

  • Claudio, my husband, is also my partner for almost 30 years and the best friend I have ever had.

  • My children, Gonza and Rodri They participate in all our endeavors, giving their best. Although they both have their professions, whenever I need it, they are there to help me.
  • my eternal princess, Mary of the Sun, who is my engine and inspiration… as I like to call her, "my trench companion". Without her, this project (the new store in Bo. de Justicia) would not be a reality today.
  • Y finally Teo, our chocolate labrador, who has taken care of breaking all my schemes giving me his company and infinite love

What will you find at Grace & Co?

Well, I promise you that I will always do my best to bring to your reach, (whether you visit us personally or through the web), unique and special items that they put light in your home and smile in your relatives and/or friends, when you decide to make them a present. Antique furniture, household items, textiles, flowers and embroidery of the best quality as our main items. However, as I have told you, I started only with old embroidered pieces, so I leave the door open for everything wonderful that I still do not know and of course, everything that our clientele may need. An example of this is the collection of candles that they ask us so much for, so together with Sol, we are committed to finding someone who can supply us with a product that is not only of quality, but with a careful design and a nice presentation (and of course, a good price since I care a lot about your budget!). We also take great care that the products you take with you are of sustainable production and preferably manufactured in small batches.

Who I am? 

Simply in love with beautiful things, delicious recipes and inspiring phrases.

I invite you to my world.