Candles & Candlesticks

Decorating the house with candles is a charming and cozy way to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Here are some quick tips to achieve this:

1. Group candles of different sizes:
Create an interesting visual effect by grouping candles of different heights and sizes. Place them on decorative plates, trays or candle holders to add a touch of style and elegance.

2. Use different styles and shapes: Experiment with different styles and shapes of candles to add variety and personality to your decor. Try taper, votive, floating, or mason jar candles, depending on the effect you want to achieve.

3. Choose cozy aromas: Choose scented candles with aromas that convey calm and well-being. Opt for soft, relaxing fragrances, such as lavender, vanilla or jasmine, to create a cozy and aromatic environment.

4. Place them strategically:
Arrange candles throughout the house to create focal points and generate soft, romantic lighting. You can place them in the living room, bedroom, bathroom and even in the garden or terrace to enjoy a cozy atmosphere both indoors and outdoors.

5. Combine them with decorative elements: Combine candles with other decorative elements, such as flowers, stones, branches or seashells, to create a visually attractive composition. Experiment with different combinations and textures to achieve a unique and personal style.

Always remember to take precautions when using candles, such as keeping them away from flammable materials and extinguishing them before leaving a room. Enjoy the beauty and warmth that candles can bring to your home, creating a cozy and relaxing atmosphere for you and your loved ones.


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