Shabby Chic Style

Shabby chic literally means worn and sophisticated, which is why classic pieces with obvious marks of the passage of time are an icon of this style.
One of the clear differences between this style and vintage is the romantic and feminine halo of shabby chic decorations. Soft colors, floral motifs, bouquets, furniture with rounded lines.
If there is a color that dominates in the shabby chic style, it is white, especially in the pieces of furniture, as this dining room demonstrates, as cozy as it is romantic. And we're not just talking about the color, but also the flower patterns that became famous under this name and have become a symbol of the shabby chic style as well as the English cottage look. Natural or printed on textiles, tableware or wallpaper, flowers are a must in this decorative style, in which the feminine and the romantic go hand in hand.
Let's talk a little about color, pastel tones are a classic of this decorative style, especially in bedroom textiles: from dusty pink and mint green to the softest blues.  
Classic Elegance: It is as important that a piece is old as it seems. Hence, contemporary furniture takes place in this decorative style.
Some old or aged candlesticks, some carved photo frames, a composition of retro prints... The small details count, and a lot, for a perfect 
shabby chic staging.