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Why salesas?

Why salesas?

These days, I have been asked a lot why I have chosen the Barrio de Salesas (Justicia) to install Grace & Co. Well, I have to tell you that when I made the decision to open the physical store again, I walked through different areas of Madrid in search of the right place and it was enough to take my first steps in the neighborhood to fall in love with it. Of its well-maintained stately buildings, of the magnificent Church of Santa Bárbara, in my opinion the most beautiful church I have seen in Madrid so far, and of course also of its shops, each one a special and unrepeatable treasure. 

Having made the decision of the place, it was enough for me to enter the premises (an immense white camba!) to be sure that it was the right place, a huge blank sheet on which to write this beautiful story that I have begun to travel at the beginning of this month.
Finally, and to complete my infatuation, I met the team from the Association of Salesas Madrid (Acotex) and a few minutes of talk were enough for me to become enthusiastic about the idea of ​​not only setting up my store, but going a step further and deciding to join a project that encompasses the entire remodeling of the neighborhood and the start-up of value of the area as a space open to neighbors and visitors, with a view to becoming the green neighborhood Madrid.

In successive articles I will comment on the news in the area and of course, feel very welcome at Salesas and Grace & Co.



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