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the psychology of love

the psychology of love
Valentine's Day is the day of the year in which being in love is celebrated. Despite its great commercial importance, this holiday has not lost its true emotional value. And it is that sometimes it is necessary to remember that showing our love for others should be a daily action, not an annual celebration.
The psychology of love is complex. When it is said that there is chemistry between two people, it is literally, since we secrete a substance called dopamine, known as the hormone of love. It is what makes us want to be with those people with whom we feel cared for, and to whom we will be eternally grateful for making us experience this incredible feeling.
And it is that love is not based solely on what we feel towards our partner, but it manifests itself in multiple ways, each one more intense. The love of our parents, our children, our friends, our pets, our work... And above all, self-love.
Paying tribute to this that makes us feel so alive should be an easy task, one that lacks material efforts and stands out for its sentimental essence.
Forget about giving gifts, booking a trip or finding a table at the most prestigious restaurant in town. The true celebration is at home, the place where we show our love every day. Prepare a good table, with the most beautiful crockery you have, light some candles, cook your best recipe and you will have the perfect setting for this unique moment. For special occasions like this, the magic lies in the simple and everyday, not in the extravagant.
How do you enjoy love?
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