Rudolph Vanilla Cookies

I leave you this recipe that belongs to my grandmother Cecilia.
I have a recipe book that she was able to give me something like 40 years ago when I was a teenager. They are two volumes that she knew how to collect and that she then had bound. However, as you can see in the attached photo, she gave me her own recipe which was noted down along with a lemon tart recipe.


Vanilla Cookies at Grace & Co.


8 tablespoons sugar
100 gr. Butter
2 eggs
1 tablespoon vanilla essence
Flour as needed (about 200 grs.)

Step by step

Melt the butter. Mix all ingredients and add amount of flour as needed.
Knead and keep cold for 30 minutes.
Stretch the dough to a height of 5mm. Cut the cookies and bake over medium heat.
Remove from oven and cool.
Decorate with Nutella and the noses with chocolate bars.


Rodolfo cookie recipe