Make her fall in love, gifts for her this Valentine's Day

I think we have used to because Valentine's Day has become a commercial holiday, which of course it is, however, I am one of those who believe that it is a day beautiful that reminds us of the importance of telling our loved ones how much we love them. In this routine, many times we wear the pilot automatic of the celebration: dinner, chocolates, fragrances. For this reason, today I wanted to invite you to turn it around a bit and encourage yourself to look to surprise with spatial details. It is an opportunity to praise who we want in a way authentic and personal.


In addition, men sometimes need fresh ideas and advice when giving gifts, since in the absence of foresight or imagination they could be tempted to resort to the aforementioned gifts. The excuse that women have everything no longer works for us, since even the most basic element can be given the most versatile function.

I leave you some recommendations on a little more special details for this holiday.

vintage tray

Vintage Pink Medium Rectangular Tray

Its size is ideal both to serve the best appetizers and to have it in the room with creams, colognes, jewels, etc. It will be ideal in any corner of the house.

flowers forever


Although flowers are a typical Valentine's gift, no one expects to receive a bouquet that will last forever. Yes, as you read, preserved flowers are eternally durable and They will provide the space with joy and a different touch full of color.

house perfume

orange blossom, home scent

Turning the classic of giving fragrances upside down, I want to offer you a home scent. After all, it is about the space where we live and it is important to take care of our environment so that it is pleasant, inspiring and why not, a reflection of our world. 

water and glass at night

There is nothing more detailed than giving something beautiful that is going to be of purely personal enjoyment. This proposal is about a game of water for the bedside table, which will help your favorite person to stay hydrated. A gift for all those who wake up very thirsty in the middle of the night (yes, I'm from that team).

I hope you liked my recommendations and, above all, that you manage to surprise whoever you want. Happy Valentines!