Where to have a nice snack in Madrid, the places you cannot miss

We like more and more to go out for a coffee after a long day of work with a friend. However, today, drinking and company is not everything. Finding a fantasy place, perfectly decorated, photographable and that makes us disconnect from everything else is one of our priorities.

It is true that in Madrid we can find a thousand cafeterias that provide us with these needs, but only a few give us that special touch. Here are my top 4 favorite places to have a nice snack in this wonderful city. I hope you visit them and let them fascinate you!

Flower Fair

Collect in the same place a tea room and a flower shop, where you can enjoy a delicious tea accompanied by your favorite cake. You'll feel like a true Londoner in the Notting Hill neighborhood.

 Salon des fleurs, the most charming tea room in Madrid

Salvador Bachiller Garden

In the heart of Madrid is this cafeteria immersed in a garden of a fantasy world. Without a doubt, their desserts are the best.

Coconut Mocha

The ultimate expression of the color pink is this instagrammable coffee shop. It is considered the Eden of flowers and cakes.

coco mocca cafeteria madrid decoration snack

The Dog and the Cookie

Next to the Retiro park, we find this small blanket whose decoration is taken care of in detail. The dried flowers, vintage crockery and love of dogs speak for themselves.

As you know, in this blog I like to share with all of you aspects of my personal life, and eating delicious and beautiful food is one of them. I hope you enjoy them!