Parents, a gift from heaven

Here, with the team, we have set ourselves the task of celebrating Father's Day and we have come to the conclusion that there are different types. tell us which is yours, and we will tell you what gift he wants to receive for him day of the father.

  1. father kitchens
    He is a lover of recipes and good presentation at the table. The chef of the house. He loves to delight you with new ideas of his. 
    Gift: Wooden boards, large and small, either to cut or to display your creations.

  2. curious father
    He likes to know a little about everything and arouses interest in various topics. He stays up to date and even reads shampoo labels. 
    Gift: Wooden organizer where you can store your books, magazines or articles of the moment and have them at hand.

  3. organized father
    He takes care of every last detail and is very tidy. He keeps his belongings very well and has good taste. 
    Gift: Wooden organizer where you can store your most personal items (house keys, money, receipts, etc).

  4. sentimental father
    Keep every memory of your children, even the school crafts when we were little. She sees them from time to time and is excited to see how quickly time passes. 
    Gift: Support to save your favorite letters and be able to read them daily.

  5. disaster father
    He usually rushes everywhere and never finds anything. In the mornings when he goes to work he runs because he wastes time looking for his things. 
    Gift: Olive tray to put what you use on a daily basis; watches, cufflinks, rings, etc.

You can find all the gifts & some more ideas here.