Tips for a good use of candles


Lamps (plate warmers):
Once lit, be careful when touching them because the container may be hot. Place the nightlight on a safe, temperature-resistant surface. When using metal capsule lamps as replacement candles, the heat from the capsule can melt the surrounding wax.

Tempus (votive candles):
Always use a special holder for votive candles. Molten wax should not be discarded. The mount may become hot during use: be careful when touching it and make sure it is placed on a safe, heat-resistant surface.

Container candles:
Caution! The holder can become hot and collect molten wax while in use. Be careful when touching it to avoid burning yourself and make sure it is placed on a temperature-resistant surface. Do not use water to extinguish the candle because it can cause splashes, in addition, due to thermal contrast, the container could break.

Floating candles:
Never burn too many candles together in one container and be sure to keep them away from other decorative items.

Scented candles:
According to the composition of the essence, depending on the percentage of perfume in each candle and depending on the diameter of the melted wax, the candle will set the room more or less intensely.

Thick wick candles:
Paschal or altar candles, outdoor candles and torches have thicker wicks for larger flames. Paschal candles and altar candles are designed for very large spaces such as those of a church. Garden candles or torches may only be lit outdoors. Put them out by suffocation, never with water, as it could cause splashes of hot wax.

Birthday candles:

Attention! Candles are not toys or edible products.